Supplier Management

Offers a secure, online, mobile-enabled portal that facilitates real-time collaboration between you,your suppliers and other relevant trading partners to improve communications and business process execution for your distribution centre operations and across your upstream supply chain.

PO Management – Automate time-consuming manual purchase orders, eliminate paper, view the upstream supply chain for more predictable cycle times, reduce inventory, and achieve more accurate inventory and better planning for future inventory.

Inspections/Quality Assurance – Request third-party inspections or quality audits online to increase order accuracy and partner accountability, identify product defects early in the fulfillment cycle, lower safety stock levels, and gain the ability to acknowledge available-to-promise dates.

–¬†Fulfillment¬†& Shipping – Prints accurate standard shipping documents such as manifests, pack list and bills oflading, and enable trading partners to generate electronic ASNs and UCC-compliant shipping labels.

Chargeback – Automate claims for damaged products, late shipments, demurrage or virtually any non-compliance event by your trading partners.